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Mark Postema

Teacher and eduScrum trainer

I’m a partner and the father of two. In my free time I’m a licensed eduScrum trainer and an English and Physics teacher on a primary school in Trutnov. I use eduScrum in my lessons as a framework to support students to take ownership over their learning and develop the 21st century skills like collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. It also gives me the opportunity to bring a more agile mindset into education. I’m responsible for the implementation of eduScrum in the Czech Republic.


Open Space – How would look like agile school?

Čtvrtek 19. 5. v 09:45 - 10:35 HOD. Učebna 210


I would like to share my story about how eduScrum changed my life as a teacher and how it can help to improve the way we educate our children in the 21st century. With eduScrum, the students own their own learning process, resulting in intrinsic motivation, fun, better results and most important, personal growth. Key words to this success: Ownership and Trust. I’m my presentation I will present a case study of one real example of the use and success of eduScrum in my classroom.

Středa 18. 5. v 15:50 - 16:20 HOD. Přednáškový sál