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Project management conference in the Czech Republic is a unique event, which aims to offer subscribers two days lectures on project management. This field is in the Czech Republic relatively young and therefore are not many opportunities to consult their experiences, practices and opinions with other project managers (and not only them). Therefore, there is the Project management conference.


This two-day event will be held on 25-26.3.09 in the newly built university center of Thomas Bata University in Zlin, which provides a representative and efficient surroundings for the holding of the conference itself, and the evening program, which will take place after the first day of lectures.


Subtitle of this year's conference will be "X security risk." This topic is certainly interesting and important for any business, whether in terms of issues of risk management, risk transformation in the certainty, risk management, etc., so now lecturers and their subjects are carefully chosen to be what most of the audience for each.


Surely perform representatives of ICZ, general partner of the Conference and also one of the most important companies in the field of software and network solutions, as well as representatives of the Company for project management.


On the program will not be missing in addition to lectures or panel discussions on the issue for more consultation with the relevant themes. Lectures will be phased into thematic units, which will take time for visitors cofeebreak etc. Events of the lecture hall will be for the duration of the conference shown on the screen in the corridors.


And not just experts, who at the Conference of Project Management take the words. Their presentations will also help students in the Faculty of Multimedia Communications Thomas Bata University in Zlin, who practice of project management applied to their real projects in the schools, and may thus provide a different angle.


As already mentioned, the first lecture day will conclude with a rich evening program associated with wine tasting, live music, fashion show, etc. The content of the evening is currently still talking to the participants what the most interesting and provided a release after a hard day.

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